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Quality Assurance
Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility

This statement exemplifies the simplicity and complicated nature of quality.  You cannot “inspect in” quality at your wrapping and inspection station.  It simply cannot be done.  It is too late.  The damage has already been done.  Quality starts with top management and must involve virtually everyone on the production floor, purchasing personnel, factory management and your raw material suppliers.  If your raw materials are not consistent, you cannot produce a quality product.  If your methods are not consistent, you cannot produce a quality product. If you’re not willing to reject defective product and do it again, you cannot produce a quality product.

Tim Smith designed and implemented Serta’s Quality Assurance Program, successfully implementing the program into all 30 of Serta’s North American plants. This program was widely considered to be the industry’s most effective and comprehensive program.

The cost of poor quality can be significant.  Increased waste, increased process cost, re-handling and the damage that goes with it, not to mention increased customer returns and warranty complaints that cost the company far into the future.

If you are serious about improving your product quality, we can help you design a program for your personnel which will have a significant and positive impact on your business.  Improving product quality is not easy.  You need to change multiple cultures including that of your suppliers and your own personnel. Improving quality is a process, not a result.